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An Uphill Battle
Tough love on a steamy August afternoon
Publisher: Bike
Date: 6/11/2002
Subject: Mountain biking
Comments: My wife, Lauri, has taught me a lot during our 12 years together. On this ride, she taught me what toughness was all about.
Spuds vs. SPDs showdown at Sun Valley
Four brothers, five days, ripping it up in the Potato State
Publisher: Mountain Bike
Date: 6/11/2002
Subject: Mountain biking
Comments: Ever notice how doctors always pick the ideal locations for their conferences? Well, when my brother Sean mention he was Sun Valley-bound, I was determined to tag along.
Noah's Ride
Mountain biking means you have no excuses
Publisher: Outdoor Adventure
Date: 6/11/2002
Subject: Mountain biking
Comments: Let's face it - mountain bikes, by their nature, rob you of any weather-related excuse to avoid riding (lightning aside). This tale of one of my soggiest rides ever was done for Outdoor Adventure, the predecessor to Outdoor Explorer.
Two-wheeled bliss
High-end mountain bikes ease the torture of the trail
Publisher: Robb Report
Date: 6/11/2002
Subject: Gear reviews
Comments: You know the old adage about being able to spot a true mountain bike enthusiast? "The bike on the roof rack is worth more than the car underneath" These bikes cost more than any car I've ever owned, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.
Fore! Golf, 4x4-style
U.X. Open brings “extreme” to the fairways
Publisher: Continental Airlines
Date: 6/11/2002
Subject: Sports/Travel
Comments: You knew someone would eventually try to combine the "extreme" craze with golf. Rick Ryan is that person, and he invited me to participate in his mountainside golf outing called the U.X. Open.
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