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Northeast burners
The best of New England climbing and bouldering
Publisher: Hooked on the Outdoors
Date: 12/31/2002
Subject: Climbing/Travel
Comments: Northeast climbers don't need to book a flight to find first-class climbing challenges - they've got plenty right in their own backyard! This round-up of New England's best climbing destinations was put together for Hooked on the Outdoors magazine.
The Iceman Cometh
Getting a grip on water's frozen form, 50 feet up
Publisher: Continental Airlines
Date: 9/1/2002
Subject: Climbing/Travel
Comments: If you're from New England, ice is part of your winter reality. That doesn't mean you can mothball the climbing gear - you just have to adapt to a new medium.
Ledge Dance
Climbing neophyte is introduce to life on the rocks
Publisher: AMC Outdoors
Date: 5/18/2002
Subject: Climbing/Travel
Comments: With a younger brother for a rock hound, it was only a matter of time before I tried sport climbing. This first person feature appeared in AMC Outdoors magazine, the member magazine of the Appalachian Mountain Club.
Ain't Life Grand
A climbing neophyte tackles Wyoming's Grand Teton
Publisher: Robb Report
Date: 5/2/2002
Subject: Climbing/Travel
Comments: On a dare from my older brother, I took up the challenge of climbing Wyoming's majestic Grand Teton. This first-person account was written for Robb Report's Showcase magazine

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